Final Thoughts!

I seriously cannot believe that this semester is already over, it feels like I just started this blog project yesterday. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed doing this blog for my FDOM (Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media) class! It allowed me to expand my horizons and try something that I didn’t have a lot of experience with…cooking! I found that Twitter was really helpful when it came to working on this project. Twitter allowed me to gain feedback from my fellow classmates, and it allowed me to get more awareness about my blog. The other thing that helped was using the tags on WordPress, I feel like thats where I got the most blog traffic from fellow bloggers.

I definitely had some hits and some misses when it came to this experience, and i’ve learned a lot (just because it has cream cheese in it doesn’t mean it’ll be good). I have definitely narrowed down on my Pinterest which things i’d like to now try in the future, and which ones I should definitely avoid.

After taking this class I now can comfortably say I have mastered the art of blogging, and I know for a fact it’ll be helpful for my future in public relations. I feel that someday I will definitely return to the deep dark world of blogging, but for now its time to conquer finals week.


Au Revoir,






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